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An ancient shipwreck carrying perfectly preserved Lamboglia 2 type amphorae dating back to 
the 1st century BCE was discovered in November 2017 along the north coast of Šćedro at a 
depth of 40 meters. The shipwreck covers an area 15 x 6 meters in size and more than 200 
amphorae can be seen, arranged into three rows. Most of them are still intact with only a small 
number having been damaged when the ship foundered. Due to its remarkable level of 
preservation and the cargo it carries, this shipwreck constitutes one of the most significant 
archaeological sites in the Split-Dalmatia County and has therefore been encased in a 
protective cage to ensure its safety. 

Diving is allowed only through authorized diving centers

Val d.o.o. 

Diving permitted only through licensed diving centers


Visibility: good

Depth: 40-42 meters

Site dimensions: 15 x 6 meters

Sea currents: weak to moderate

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