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Along the northern coastline of the islet of Mali Barjak, west of the town of Komiža, lies the wreck of the Teti. The ship belonged to the Italian company Societa Italiana Navigazione Transporti e Armamenti from Ravenna and it was built in the USA in 1883 as a steel steam-powered freighter. It was 72 meters long, 8 meters wide, with a Gross Registered Tonnage of 963 tons and it had two cargo bays and two masts. After 47 long years of sailing, the Teti ended its final journey on May 25th 1930 by running aground on a rock due to navigational error. Thanks to the quick reaction of Pavao Frka, the harbormaster in Komiža, the entire crew of the Teti was rescued. Due to it being located at such a shallow depth (10 to 33 meters), it is ideal for novice divers, with the perfectly preserved stern presenting a particular treat.

Diving permitted only through licensed diving centers

ANMA diving center

B-24 diving center

ISSA diving center

Manta diving center

Nautica Vis diving center

Krešimir line d.o.o


Val d.o.o. 

Šest mora

Konkordija Omiš


Visibility: good

Depth: 10-33 meters

Sea currents: weak

Site dimensions: 72 x 8 meters

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