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The wreck of a Boeing B-17 G Flying Fortress bomber from World War II is located near  Cape Polivalo, southeast of the village of Rukavac on the island of Vis, at a depth of 72 meters. This American bomber, had an 11-man crew and flew as part of the 340th Bombardment Group stationed in Italy. The plane was 22.5 meters long and had a wingspan of 31.5 meters. It had a maximum range of 5000 km and carried 13 Browning 12.7 mm machine guns and over 4000kg worth of bombs.  
While returning from its first and at the same time last assignment of bombing Vienna, the ship crashed into the sea and sank on November 6th 1944 due to heavy damage to both of its engines. Although the depth at which it lies makes it difficult for divers to reach, the B-17 G is the best preserved example of a WWII airplane in the Adriatic and is therefore an attractive diving spot.

ANMA diving center

B-24 diving center

ISSA diving center

Manta diving center

Nautica Vis diving center

Diving permitted only through licensed diving centers

Krešimir line d.o.o


Val d.o.o. 

Šest mora

Konkordija Omiš


Vidljivost: dobra

Depth: 65-72 meters

Sea currents: mostly weak

Site dimensions: 32 x 23 meters

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