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The steam freighter Michael N. Maris was built in 1899 in Glasgow under the name Adriatico. It hit a reef near the islet of Brusnik on July 12th 1932 and quickly sank from taking in too much water. On its final voyage it was transporting coal from Danzig (modern day Gdansk) to Trieste. Its dimensions (105.1 x 15.2 x 5.5 meters) make it the largest shipwreck in the maritime area around Vis. The wreck is extremely well preserved and lies at a depth of 60 to 78 meters covered entirely by layers upon layers of gorgonian, making it all the more attractive for divers. 

Diving is allowed through licensed diving centers

ANMA diving center

B-24 diving center

ISSA diving center

Manta diving center

Nautica Vis diving center


Visibility: good

Depth: 60-78 meters

Krešimir line d.o.o


Val d.o.o. 

Šest mora

Konkordija Omiš

Sea currents: mostly weak

Site dimensions: 105 x 15 meters

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