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The Austrian frigate Radetzky was constructed in 1854 at the Notham shipyard in the United Kingdom. It was 58.5 meters long, had a beam of 12.5 meters and was armed with 41 guns of varying calibers. Supplementing the sails was a propeller powered by a 300 horsepower steam engine. The ship took part in the Battle of Helgoland in 1864 and the Battle of Vis in 1866 after which it participated in several mission in the Adriatic and the Levant. The ship sank on February 20th 1869 at the same place the Battle of Vis played out three years earlier after an explosion tore through its ammunition storage area. Out of a crew of 355 only 23 survived after being rescued by fishermen. ​The shipwreck lies at a depth of 90 meters and is well preserved. The remains of the hull, the sheath, the guns, the anchors, the boiler and other parts of the ship’s structure are all visible on the seabed. 

Diving is currently not permitted

It is planned to open the wreck for diving in the near future, and diving will be allowed only through authorized diving centers.


Visibility: moderate to good

Depth: 85-90 meters

Sea currents: weak

Site dimensions: 60 x 15 meters

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