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The remains of the American World War II bomber B-24 Liberator Tulsamerican are located on the seabed east of the island of Vis split into two parts. The front part of the wreck lies on a sandy plateau at a depth of 41 meters while the tail came to rest at a depth of 55 meters. The plane’s fuselage, both wings, four engines (one with a propeller still attached), the landing gear, the front part of the dome and the cockpit, with the flight instruments still intact, are all visible on the seabed.  It was the last plane built at the Douglas Plant in the US city of Tulsa, which is how it got its name. It fought in WWII as part of the 765th Squadron of the 461st Bombardment Group and it set off on its final mission on December 17th 1944. The Tulsamerican occupies a special place in the history of the United States Airforce as the last of 18.000 bombers built in Tulsa and its war story has been analyzed and covered by the media in great detail. Its home city even has a museum dedicated to this plane. 

Diving permitted only through licensed diving centers

ANMA diving center

B-24 diving center

ISSA diving center

Manta diving center

Nautica Vis diving center


Visibility: good

Depth: 41-55 meters

Krešimir line d.o.o


Val d.o.o. 

Šest mora

Konkordija Omiš

Sea currents: weak

Site dimensions: 34 x 7; tail – 8 x 8 meters 

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