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1. Dio nadgrađa broda – Section of the superstructure.jpg


The wreck of the steamship Dubrovnik is located in the Neretva Channel, between the Pelješac peninsula and the island of Hvar, at a depth of 55 to 60 meters. The ship, 51 meters long and 7.5 meters wide at its widest point, was constructed in 1892 in Scotland for the Dubrovnik Steamship Line company and was one of their finest ships. On May 9th 1916, at the height of World War I, the ship was sunk while sailing from Split to Dubrovnik by two torpedoes fired by the French submarine Archimède (under Italian command). All 38 passengers and crew members perished in the attack.The frame and superstructure of the ship are well preserved and a large number of its onboard inventory is still present. 

Diving is currently not permitted

The wreck will be opened to divers in the near future, but diving will only be permitted through licensed diving centers


Vidljivost: moderate

Depth: 55-60 meters 

Sea currents: moderate

Site dimensions: 50 x 8 meters

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