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In 2020, a perfectly preserved ancient shipwreck was discovered in the Split maritime area. It is a shipwreck with a cargo of North African late antique amphorae of the Africana II and Africana III types. The approximate dimensions of the visible part of the site are 22 x 8 meters, but there are high chances that the dimensions are even larger, which should be confirmed by future research. More than 300 amphorae lying or partially protruding from the seabed are visible. Considering the results of archaeological research, it is clear that this is an extremely valuable and well-preserved ancient shipwreck from the 4th century, and there is a possibility that it is also one of the largest preserved shipwrecks found on the eastern coast of the Adriatic.

Diving is not permitted 

Underwater archaeological research is currently ongoing.


Depth: 35-55 meters

Visibility: extremely poor

Sea currents: mostly weak

Site dimensions: 32 x 23 meters

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