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The Collection was set up in 1983 by the Archaeological Museum in Split and is housed on the upper floor of an old Austrian fort called Our Lady’s Battery, originally constructed in 1842 in the middle of the spacious bay of Vis. It is the most extensive collection of Greek monuments in Croatia, consisting mostly of items discovered on the site of the ancient Greek town of Issa, located on the southern slopes of Gradina and on the Pirov peninsula in Vis. Rare prehistoric artifacts found on the island are also exhibited, as are the finds from the Hellenistic cistern in Velo Zlopoje, in the island’s interior, and underwater archaeological finds from the shipwreck in the cove of Vela Svitnja, totaling over 600 amphorae arranged in the same manner as they would have been while on board a ship. 

Diving permitted only through licensed diving centers

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