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The underwater archaeological site of Trstenik has been under excavation since 2002, 
when a cache of Dressel 20 type amphorae was discovered along with the rim of a large, 
ceramic dolium (on display in the Croatian Maritime Museum in Split). Subsequent 
excavations led to the unearthing of a wooden pool structure filled with seawater, a large 
cache of globular amphorae surrounded by wooden pylons, the remains of three ships and 
numerous other archeological finds. After reviewing aerial shots of the site, a sunken structure 
resembling a wharf was noticed as well as a square surface which is believed to have been a 
Roman villa. This archaeological site dates back to the period from the 1st century BCE to the 
3rd century CE. 

Diving permitted only if approved by the Ministry of Culture

It is planned to open a diving site in the near future.


Visibility: good

Depth: 1 - 5 meters

Sea currents: mostly weak

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